Do workplace injuries also qualify for SSD benefits?

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Federal laws, as well as Missouri state laws, allow people with disabilities due to injury to claim Social Security benefits. One of the most common reasons for severe disabling injuries is injuries obtained while on the job. While an employee may get compensation for workplace injuries from worker’s compensation insurance, sometimes that compensation is not enough to cover treatment and living expenses. In such cases, SSD benefits for injury may also be received.

If a worker can prove that the injuries caused partial or total disability and that those injuries are workplace-related, the employee may be awarded compensation through benefits provided by the employer. If the compensation awarded does not cover all medical expenses or due to other financial obligations, the compensation is just not enough, the victim may even seek additional SSD benefit for injuries.

Social Security disability benefits for injuries are available to workers only for chronic and perpetual injuries which must be confirmed by medical experts. Proving that the disability resulting from the injury would last more than a year will provide the injured the opportunity to claim disability benefits under Social Security. The worker must also provide his or her work history. Owing to the complicated legal labyrinth in such cases, most injured parties seek professional legal help to prove their cases because this additional income is critical to their future well-being.

Federal law also provides a program that provides help for injured parties to seek both worker’s compensation and SSD benefits for workplace injuries. Once both benefits are provided, the program then monitors the benefits going forward to be sure benefits continue as long as the injury and disability is present.

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