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March 2016 Archives

Personality disorders and Social Security Disability

There are a number of mental conditions that can affect a Saint Louis resident. Although many of these conditions can be treated with medication and therapy, some are so severe that, despite efforts, they still cause a person extreme distress. For many Missouri residents, this means being unable to live what others deem a "normal life." They may be incapable of operating in social situations, and work may be out of the question. For these individuals, life can be tough, and finances can be tight.

VA benefits fail to cover in vitro fertilization for wounded vets

Serving our country through the military is no small feat, especially in today's world. These men and women sacrifice time with their families, their civilian careers, and, in many instances, their health to ensure that our nation is safe. In return for their bravery and commitment, the Department of Veterans Affairs promises to provide veterans with healthcare. Though this care is wide-ranging, there are gaps that leave some wondering what can be done to change the system.

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