Personality disorders and Social Security Disability

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There are a number of mental conditions that can affect a Saint Louis resident. Although many of these conditions can be treated with medication and therapy, some are so severe that, despite efforts, they still cause a person extreme distress. For many Missouri residents, this means being unable to live what others deem a “normal life.” They may be incapable of operating in social situations, and work may be out of the question. For these individuals, life can be tough, and finances can be tight.

One condition that can lead to this situation is a personality disorder. Although such a disorder can lead to inflexible and maladaptive personality traits that can impair social and occupational functioning, these individuals need not suffer financially. Instead, they may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits which, if acquired, could provide significant financial relief.

To qualify for SSD benefits, those with a personality disorder must show that they meet federal requirements. First, the applicant must satisfactorily prove an ingrained maladaptive behavior associated with seclusion, inappropriate suspicion, oddities of behavior, thought, speech or perception, as well as mood disturbances, dependence or aggressiveness or personal relationships that are intense and unstable with damaging behavior. Additionally, the applicant must show that the above mentioned conditions affect daily activities, social functioning, concentration or decompensation. It is worth noting that at least two of these effects must be shown.

Proving that a Saint Louis resident meets the federal requirements for receiving Social Security Disability benefits can be challenging. The Social Security Administration often denies initial claims, and the appeals process can be lengthy and stressful. However, those who suffer from mental illness may be able to succeed with fully prepared arguments for their right to these crucial benefits.

Source: Social Security Administration, “12.00 Mental Disorders – Adult,” accessed on March 6, 2016

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