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January 2016 Archives

Documentation needed for SSD appeal

The Social Security disability claims process can be a lengthy one, and filers may be excited when they find out that a decision has finally been made regarding their initial claim. However, those seeking SSD benefits should realize that many initial claims are denied, for a variety of reasons. Though it may be disheartening, it should not be discouraging. The claims process does include the ability to appeal an initial decision, which is where many individuals are able to recover benefits.

Qualifying for SSD based on burn injuries

Every day, Missourians are put at risk of harm, and oftentimes they do not even realize it. Fortunately, though many of us wind up hurt at some point in our lives, these injuries are usually relatively minor. However, sometimes individuals are hurt so severely that they become disabled and are then unable to work.

Substance abuse and Social Security disability

Drug and alcohol addiction has a firm grip on many Missourians. Many of these individuals, through strength a strong support system, are able to beat their addiction and find a life of sobriety. Yet, the effects of extensive drug and alcohol abuse can leave an individual forever changed and, in some instances, unable to work. Those who find themselves in this situation may be wondering if they can qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

Our firm stands with disabled veterans

It's a sad reality, but our country's brave men and women who serve in the armed forces are often left with serious physical and mental damage. Whether from serving in wars overseas or even being exposed to dangerous materials while stationed stateside, as was discussed last week, these individuals could wind up struggling to maintain their health, let alone trying to find and keep a job. For those who are disabled as a result of their injuries or medical condition, financial relief may be available.

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