Qualifying for SSD based on burn injuries

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Every day, Missourians are put at risk of harm, and oftentimes they do not even realize it. Fortunately, though many of us wind up hurt at some point in our lives, these injuries are usually relatively minor. However, sometimes individuals are hurt so severely that they become disabled and are then unable to work.

These victims may be able to find financial relief by filing for Social Security disability benefits. There are many injuries that may qualify one for benefits, but it is critical to recognize how severe an injury needs to be before it can count for disability purposes. The Social Security Administration spells out which injuries may qualify and the severity that must be shown, but it is left up to each claimant to prove that he or she meets the federal requirements.

One type of injury that can result in Social Security disability being awarded is burns. However, in order to meet the SSA’s requirements, the burns must require ongoing surgical management. Additionally, the injury must be so severe that it cannot be healed within 12 months.

Regardless of how such burns occur, those who suffer them, meet the federal requirements, and are rendered unable to work may be able to find financial stability via the Social Security disability system. To learn more about the process and what can be done to increase one’s chances of success, those who have suffered disabling injuries may want to consult with a legal professional.

Source: Social Security Administration, “1.00 Musculoskeletal System – Adult,” accessed on Jan. 17, 2016

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