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January 2015 Archives

How does the SSA define cardiovascular impairment?

As many Missouri residents know, people who suffer from a variety of illnesses are eligible for coverage by the Social Security Disability Insurance program, which is run by the Social Security Administration. Among those illnesses are heart or cardiovascular impairments as described in Section 4.00 of the 2008 Blue Book, which is available online. In that document, the SSA defines the qualifying conditions for a successful application. To be eligible for benefits, an applicant should understand the SSA definitions.

Disability compensation programs for veterans

Veterans who sustained injuries during active duty are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to disability benefits in Missouri. Many disability programs are initiated specifically for veterans. Veterans' disability compensation programs were initiated after the World War I in order to help resolve veterans' issues pertaining to impairments and disabilities.

Helping you resolve issues related to Social Security Disability

Many Missouri residents have suffered disabilities due to car accidents or accidents and injuries suffered in the workplace or during active army duty. The state allows for social security disability benefits for all such injured residents in order to help them achieve basic dignity in their lives. The attorneys at Alan E. DeWoskin, P.C., have, for decades, advocated the rights of such disabled people in order to get justice for them.

Injured veterans' Social Security Disability benefits claims

Following deployment, many American soldiers return with severe injuries. Some do not return at all. Thus, this time might be one of the most critical times in American history to take care of the soldiers who may have suffered injuries while defending our country.

When can Missouri children obtain social security benefits?

Residents of Saint Louis, Missouri, work hard for their family's financial stability. However, an unfortunate accident or injury resulting in disability or death can lead to financial difficulties for them and their children.

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