Disability compensation programs for veterans

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Veterans who sustained injuries during active duty are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to disability benefits in Missouri. Many disability programs are initiated specifically for veterans. Veterans’ disability compensation programs were initiated after the World War I in order to help resolve veterans’ issues pertaining to impairments and disabilities.

In order to qualify for veterans’ disability compensation programs, the claimant must prove two things. First, the claimant must be a veteran. Only ex-military men who have served the country and have been discharged from service for various justifiable reasons beside dishonorable discharge may qualify for veterans’ disability compensation programs. Second, the disability that is being claimed must have been sustained due to active service in the military forces.

The application for the veterans’ disability compensation program is not time-sensitive, unlike most other veteran’s insurance and disability programs and initiatives. Many service organizations, which are dedicated specifically to the service of veterans, can help a person during the application process. A person may even wish to get professional legal help in order to navigate the application process.

At the very outset, the investigating authorities may look into the disability itself. It must be proved without a doubt that the disability suffered was due to active deployment and nothing else. After it has been proved that the disability was caused by the active service of the veteran, the disability itself will be evaluated under the rating program. Depending on the nature and gravity of the disability, the veteran may be eligible for 100 percent disability claim where he may be entitled to monthly cash benefits in lieu of compensation.

In some cases; however, a veteran may have suffered an injury and disability due to his active service but that person may still get no disability compensation. In such cases, it may be determined that the disability does not impair the veteran enough to qualify for benefits.

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