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September 2015 Archives

We fight for those who need Social Security Disability benefits

In a previous post, asthma was discussed as it relates to children and Social Security Disability. When a child suffers from a debilitating illness, it may take significant effort to ensure that he or she lives as normal a life as possible. This may mean taking time off from work or even quitting a job in order to provide the child the best medical care possible. This can deal a significant financial blow to a family, making it difficult to make ends meet. This is where Social Security Disability may be able to help individuals in Missouri.

Is my child's asthma covered under Social Security Disability

There is a wide range of illnesses that can leave residents of Missouri unable to work. This inability to work, in turn, can make it extremely difficult to obtain the medical care required to remain as healthy as possible. Also, lost wages may leave individuals in a position where he or she cannot afford their rent or mortgage, utilities and even groceries. Therefore, it is critical that those suffering from one of these illnesses fully consider whether he or she qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits.

Intellectual disorders and Social Security Disability benefits

Those who suffer a mental disorder may struggle to find financial stability. Because of his or her condition, it may not be possible for them to find work. Additionally, they may not have any friends or family willing and able to help them make ends meet. So what are these individuals supposed to do?

Inept VA staffers shred veteran's claims documents

Missouri veterans who applied for benefits and kept wondering why there had been no response to their application may be concerned about his or her situation. Additionally, they may find it surprising to learn about a recent situation that involved staff members at the Los Angeles VA Regional Office.

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