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In a previous post, asthma was discussed as it relates to children and Social Security Disability. When a child suffers from a debilitating illness, it may take significant effort to ensure that he or she lives as normal a life as possible. This may mean taking time off from work or even quitting a job in order to provide the child the best medical care possible. This can deal a significant financial blow to a family, making it difficult to make ends meet. This is where Social Security Disability may be able to help individuals in Missouri.

Our law firm understands that filing a Social Security Disability claim is not always easy. There is a lot of paperwork required to file an initial claim, and figuring out whether your child even qualifies for benefits can be a confusing task. Though the process may be extremely frustrating, take comfort knowing that you do not have to face it alone. Our attorneys have years of experience handling disability claims, and they have helped past clients fully understand the process and the steps that needed to be taken to progress through the system.

The legal team at Alan E. Dewoskin PC takes pride in passionately representing its clients. We understand the hardship you may be going through, and we want to do everything we can to help you find relief. We can help gather the necessary documentation and make legal arguments to show that government requirements for benefits acquirement are met.

It is worth knowing that many initial claims are denied, but this should not discourage you. Claimants have the ability to appeal a denial, and we aggressively pursue these denials, often recovering benefits for clients at that stage. Therefore, if you have questions about Social Security Disability benefits and how it may help cover medical expenses and long-term care, then you may want to check out our website. This could provide general information, helping you make an informed situation.

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