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July 2014 Archives

Social Security has rigid definition of 'disability'

Let's say that after many years of work in a certain industry, you fall ill and you are unable to work. It is determined that your medical condition will never truly go away. You are disabled, and even though you can't do the work you did before and though your condition will persist until death, you are informed by the Social Security Administration that you will not receive Social Security disability benefits. Why would that be?

EU court adviser says extreme obesity can be a disability

An adviser to the top European court recently stated that extreme obesity should count as a disability. The opinion is in relation to a 2010 case where a child caretaker was fired at least in part due to his obesity, the plaintiff claims. Although the context places this case in the realm of employment law and discrimination, the opinion certainly is connected to Social Security disability.

Politician wants to expand Social Security program

As many St. Louis residents are well aware, there has been an ongoing argument about the Social Security program for many years now. Politicians have been warring over the program, with one side arguing that the program should be trimmed or cut back, while the other side argues for its continued existence without any cuts. It's a difficult issue, because while the program is so vitally necessary for so many people around the country, there is the sense that the program is reaching an unsustainable point.

Navigating rules of SSD program can be tough

Qualifying for Social Security disability benefits is a very difficult goal to achieve. As pessimistic as that sounds, we certainly aren't advocating people living with serious disabilities that prevent them from working to just forgo their Social Security disability prospects. Instead, we simply want to remind those who are in a serious situation to realize that obtaining such benefits is not very likely.

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