Politician wants to expand Social Security program

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As many St. Louis residents are well aware, there has been an ongoing argument about the Social Security program for many years now. Politicians have been warring over the program, with one side arguing that the program should be trimmed or cut back, while the other side argues for its continued existence without any cuts. It’s a difficult issue, because while the program is so vitally necessary for so many people around the country, there is the sense that the program is reaching an unsustainable point.

The population continues to age, and as medical services continues to improve and get better, it is only natural for our life spans to increase. With people living longer, there will be an increased dependence on the Social Security program — and one of the arguments for cutting it is that there simply aren’t enough people contributing to Social Security to keep up with our aging population.

Well one politician is taking a different view on the Social Security system. He doesn’t just want to protect it from cuts — he thinks the program should expand. Senator Sherrod Brown believes the program is vital and that the argument that Social Security is “rife with abuse” is an exaggeration.

No matter what your thoughts are of the Social Security system, what is undeniable is that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who need some sort of financial support because of a serious medical condition or a disability that prevents them from working. People live with such circumstances every minute of their life, and they deserve some help.

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer, “It’s time to expand Social Security, not cut it, Sen. Sherrod Brown says,” Stephen Koff

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