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August 2015 Archives

Early-onset Alzheimer's patients are eligible for SSD benefits

According to the Alzheimer's Association definition, Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia that can severely affect the memory, thinking ability and behavior of a patient. Additionally, it is a progressive illness, and after a period of time, patients find it difficult to complete even the most basic daily activities. Many people in Missouri may also know that there is no known cure for the disease. However, researchers are aware of many of its symptoms and, based on that, are trying to identify a cure.

Providing legal assistance to patients with mental illnesses

Residents of Missouri, as well as those across the entire United States, who suffer from mental conditions, are frequently unable to find suitable employment. However, many are entitled to receive Social Security Disability Benefits. The Social Security Administration or SSA lists the conditions for which those benefits may be awarded, and victims who wish to receive those benefits need to establish the disabilities medically. Unlike physical disabilities, mental conditions have some social stigma attached to them, so proving a person's mental illness may be a difficult task in some situations.

Victims of Agent Orange can obtain VA benefits -- Part II

As many veterans in Saint Louis, Missouri, may know, Agent Orange was a defoliating agent that the military used during the conflicts in Vietnam, Korea, and at certain other bases in the 1960s and 1970s. Over time, research revealed that exposure to Agent Orange could lead to serious health complications. Therefore, the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) began offering certain benefits to those veterans who were affected by the chemical. Details of those benefits were discussed in the previous blog post.

MO Agent Orange exposure victims can obtain VA benefits -- Part I

During its operations in Vietnam and the Korean Demilitarized Zone, the United States military used a chemical called Agent Orange. Agent Orange is a defoliating agent used to clear vegetation that provided cover to enemy forces. As many Missouri residents may be aware, in addition to Vietnam and Korea, the military also used Agent Orange in the United States and other countries for non-military purposes. Unfortunately, the military was unaware that Agent Orange exposure could cause severe health complications.

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