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April 2015 Archives

Insurance benefits for sudden disabilities

For workers in Missouri, a sudden illness or disability can drastically impact the economic condition of the family. But, to help avoid such circumstances, certain state measures and benefits can help. These benefits can help a disabled worker with income support during their period of disability. However, the degree of disability, financial situation and medical condition must be considered before deciding on which benefit plan the disabled worker qualifies for.

Financial assistance options for cancer patients in Missouri

Any Missouri resident who is diagnosed with cancer can feel considerable anxiety. This is often made worse by concerns over employment. Depending on the type and severity of cancer, a patient may not be able to continue working, which can make meeting the costs of treatment difficult, if not impossible. For some people, disability insurance through workplace healthcare policies can help. In other cases, patients may have to look to Social Security Disability Insurance for financial relief.

The right approach to applying for Social Security Disability

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, a disabled person must present evidence of that disability in an application. An administrative law court may also seek evidence that the person may not be able to earn enough income from any job source.

The SSA helps people who work despite their disabilities

Many people in Saint Louis, Missouri, who continue to work despite their disabilities, may have a reason to cheer. The special rules for Social Security benefits now allow a person to work and also receive monthly payment as Social Security Disability benefits. For those who are unable to work due to their physical condition, they can receive benefits without having to apply again. If there is any change in the work status of people who are receiving these benefits, they must report this change immediately.

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