Insurance benefits for sudden disabilities

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For workers in Missouri, a sudden illness or disability can drastically impact the economic condition of the family. But, to help avoid such circumstances, certain state measures and benefits can help. These benefits can help a disabled worker with income support during their period of disability. However, the degree of disability, financial situation and medical condition must be considered before deciding on which benefit plan the disabled worker qualifies for.

Private disability insurance offers two types of benefits: one for short-term disabilities and another for long-term disabilities. Short-term insurance pays a portion of the disabled worker’s income for a short period, after all sick leave is used up. Usually, the payment period ranges from nine to 52 weeks. Long-term insurance offers similar benefits after the disabled worker uses up the sick leave and short-term disabilities insurance.

Generally, the payment period is for two to five years, or until the worker turns 65. The payment amount is generally 60 percent of the worker’s previous income. These plans may be offered by an employer or by any professional organization of which the worker is a member. These can be bought individually as well.

Social Security Disability insurance is a contributory form of insurance, where the money gets deducted every month from a worker’s paycheck. In case of a disability, this same fund is then used to pay a monthly cash benefit to the worker. SSDI benefits are based solely on the disability status of the worker, and any proof of financial need may not be required to collect these benefits. A Saint Louis resident can apply for the SSDI benefits online or by visiting the SSDI office in person.

Most workers are covered by worker’s compensation provided by their employer. This offers benefits to those workers who are injured or disabled while at work. These benefits may also pay for training a disabled worker in order to enhance future employability.

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