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The right approach to applying for Social Security Disability

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2015 | Uncategorized

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, a disabled person must present evidence of that disability in an application. An administrative law court may also seek evidence that the person may not be able to earn enough income from any job source.

To pursue a claim through the Social Security Administration system, and in court if needed, an applicant should have some understanding of Social Security Disability benefit laws in order to prepare the documents that can substantiate a claim. Denied claims are common; most applications are denied because there was insufficient or improper documentation.

The attorneys at the firm of Alan E. DeWoskin, P.C., understand the complexities of Social Security law and they attempt to help people with disabilities get their benefit claims approved. At our firm we take a detail-oriented approach, and we put our best efforts forward on behalf of our clients. We attempt to help applicants submit proper claims with the necessary supporting records and documents. We can also assist clients in other areas of claims, including medical documentation and paperwork, requests for reconsideration, appeal council reviews and hearings.

If a person with a disability has been deprived of these benefits, our law firm may be able to help. We take pride in our record in handling such cases. We try to take up the legal burdens and let our clients focus on adjusting to life with their disabilities. To learn more about our approach to applying for benefits, please visit the Social Security Disability page of our website.

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