The SSA helps people who work despite their disabilities

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Many people in Saint Louis, Missouri, who continue to work despite their disabilities, may have a reason to cheer. The special rules for Social Security benefits now allow a person to work and also receive monthly payment as Social Security Disability benefits. For those who are unable to work due to their physical condition, they can receive benefits without having to apply again. If there is any change in the work status of people who are receiving these benefits, they must report this change immediately.

The “ticket to work” program may help a person get relevant training for jobs, referrals and other job-related support free of cost. The SSA helpline number provides detailed information. There is a trial work period of nine months that tests a person’s ability to work. During this period, full Social Security benefits would be given irrespective of that person’s earnings from the job.

After the trial period, a window of 36 months is provided when a person can receive benefits for those months when their income from a job is not substantial. In cases where their benefits have stopped, a person can re-apply within five years for benefits.

Benefits may stop in cases where a person’s earnings are substantial, but the free Medicare benefits may still continue for 93 months after the trial period. Afterwards, the person is required to pay a monthly premium in order to receive these medical benefits. Benefits may stop if a person starts earning more than $1090 per month during the first 36 months after the trial period. But, if a person has increased work expenses, such as transportation costs or additional medical expenses, the earnings can be a little higher.

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