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The Social Security disability claims process can be a lengthy one, and filers may be excited when they find out that a decision has finally been made regarding their initial claim. However, those seeking SSD benefits should realize that many initial claims are denied, for a variety of reasons. Though it may be disheartening, it should not be discouraging. The claims process does include the ability to appeal an initial decision, which is where many individuals are able to recover benefits.

Before entering the appeals process, though, those appealing an initial decision should adequately prepare. Perhaps most importantly, these individuals need to make sure they gather all documentation related to their disability. This includes, of course, personal information but also a full description of the medical condition and how it has changed over time, contact information for a friend or relative who knows about the condition as well as contact information for medical professionals who have examined and/or treated the disability.

The documentation needed for appeal can be significant and far-reaching. Those appealing a decision should also be sure to gather a list of prescribed medications, including who prescribed them and any side-effects they may have. An individual should also provide the Social Security Administration with a description of how the medical condition has affected his or her daily activities, including education and work. Supporting documentation may also be needed, helping to illustrate the extent of the disability.

Those who would like to know more about the appeals process or assistance with gathering and presenting documentation may want to contact an experienced attorney. By doing so, they can gain an ally in the battle to recover benefits; someone who will fight for them and what they deserve until the process is complete.

Source: Social Security Administration, “Information You Need To Complete Your Disability Appeal,” accessed on Jan. 24, 2016

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