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It’s a sad reality, but our country’s brave men and women who serve in the armed forces are often left with serious physical and mental damage. Whether from serving in wars overseas or even being exposed to dangerous materials while stationed stateside, as was discussed last week, these individuals could wind up struggling to maintain their health, let alone trying to find and keep a job. For those who are disabled as a result of their injuries or medical condition, financial relief may be available.

In order to receive this relief, Missouri veterans may need to apply for Social Security disability benefits. The process can be long and nuanced, but the end result can provide significant monthly payments to help disabled veterans pay their everyday expenses. As nice as that sounds, though, the claims process can also be complicated by legal issues. This is why having the assistance of a skilled and dedicated attorney can be so vitally important.

A competent attorney can help you not only navigate the Social Security disability process, but he or she can represent your interests throughout. This includes the appeal process, which many claimants find themselves facing. An attorney in these matters needs to know the law, how it applies to your situation, and how to be persuasive when it comes to showing that a disability meets federal requirements.

At Alan E. Dewoskin PC, our legal team is wholly dedicated to those in need of Social Security disability benefits. We know the law’s requirements and what is needed to satisfy them. Every day, we help our clients navigate the sometimes choppy SSD waters, all the while putting their financial interests at the forefront. When all is said and done, we hope that our clients can find the financial relief they need to focus on their recovery and their family.

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