Social Security benefits for veterans

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Established in 1957, veterans who have served the country as active military members have a right to Social Security benefits. Missouri law clearly dictates giving Social Security benefits to veterans, including military personnel who were not engaged in active duty.

Regarding veterans with disabilities, many of our Missouri readers may know that Social Security benefits claims are dependent on various factors, including an individual’s total income, the Social Security taxes paid by the claimant, the years of service in the military and the age of the veteran. A veteran may be eligible for what would be an average of work experience in the military, as well as income earned during his or her time of service: the higher the veteran’s income, the higher the Social Security payment.

Veterans’ Social Security benefits not only cover Social Security post-retirement, but may also provide for survivor benefits as well. Survivor benefits refer to the Social Security that may be paid to dependents of the deceased veteran. Additionally, if the veteran had suffered any injuries during active service which have rendered that individual disabled, the veteran may be eligible to claim additional Social Security benefits.

Our readers must remember, however, that while a person may retire after reaching 62 years of age, full Social Security benefits for veterans can be claimed only after reaching full retirement age. Full retirement is determined at age 66 for those born before 1943, but for people born in or after 1960 the retirement age has been increased to 67 years of age.

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