Missouri offers crucial services to TBI patients

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There are many people in Saint Charles as well as in the entire state of Missouri who are living with a traumatic brain injury. Those TBI sufferers and their families understand that life after a TBI is not only difficult for the victim but also for the victim’s family members, who have to provide continual emotional and financial support. In order to help such TBI victims and their families, The Missouri Department of Health runs the Adult Brain Injury Program, which helps victims regain their footing after getting a TBI.

The purpose of Missouri’s ABI Program is to assist residents who are living with a TBI. The program connects victims with available resources so that every TBI sufferer is able to lead an independent life. The benefits, however, are extended only to those who meet certain financial criteria. In addition to the financial help, such victims may also expect the ABI Program to provide community-based rehabilitation services that aim to achieve some predetermined goals.

In order to be eligible for Missouri’s ABI Program, a TBI victim must be a Missouri resident between 21 and 65 years old. That person must also meet the medical eligibility guidelines that have been established by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Additionally, the person suffering from a TBI must also meet the financial eligibility criteria, which are based on the number of members in the person’s family and that family’s annual income. For example, if a family consists of four members, that family’s maximum annual income must not be more than $44,862.50 in order to qualify for benefits under the ABI program.

In addition to benefits offered by the state of Missouri, victims of TBIs can also consider claiming Social Security Disability Benefits for mental disorders. In the case of SSD benefits, however, applicants are screened based on the guidelines set by the Social Security Administration and that may be a completely different situation with its unique set of challenges for establishing eligibility. Therefore, it may be helpful if a TBI victim consults an attorney for guidance through the claim process.

Source: Health.MO.gov, “Adult Brain Injury (ABI) Program,” accessed March 15, 2015

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