Re-employment plans for Missouri’s returning military members

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Rehabilitation and employment plans for St. Louis, Missouri, military veterans are undergoing some serious changes. Unemployment issues for these veterans are also a matter of serious concern. A report suggests that almost 2.5 million Americans served in Iraq and Afghanistan and many of those returning military have yet to find work after ending their military service. New programs plan to ensure employment of returning uninjured veterans or help disabled veterans obtain the Social Security Disability benefits they may need or find employment that suits these veterans’ abilities.

The “Show-Me Heroes” initiative by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon works toward the re-employment of Army veterans by collaborating with the Missouri Army National Guard and the Missouri Division of Workforce Development. Skilled and qualified veterans find employment in different business sectors by highlighting the experience and skills developed while serving in the military. Because of their training, Army veterans acquire good leadership skills, are disciplined and make good team players. So far, more than 7,000 veterans have been employed and more than 4,000 employers have registered, seeking employee.

Hiring veterans is also profitable for employers. This program reimburses on-the-job training expenses and provides 50 percent of 1,000 hours of wages for the new military employees. Certain tax credits are also given to the companies taking the pledge shown on the “Show-Me Heroes” website. For many veterans, re-entering civilian life is not an easy task. As many older veterans know, finding a job after ending service was tougher than expected. The program’s goal is to provide employment so the transformation to civilian life can be less problematic.

This program also provides a “Flag of Freedom” award to companies that recruit and hire veterans for their businesses in larger numbers, a calculation based on the percentage of veterans hired. Any Missouri company that wants to participate must first take a pledge shown on the program’s website and then post job openings. A local business can also contact local military recruiters who will help scout for veterans with suitable experience for those jobs listed.

Source: DDD News, “Hiring veterans benefits businesses,” Laura Ford, March 10, 2015

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