How much of my income is paid in support in a military divorce?

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Since there are many members of the military in Missouri, it is not unusual that some of their marriages end in divorce. For those who serve, there are different rules for how a military divorce is handled. Many will have concerns regarding how much of their income they will be ordered to pay the former spouse in alimony and child support. Knowing the basics of how the amounts are determined is imperative when a military member is ending a marriage. According to the Consumer Credit Protection Act, there is a limit to what can be deducted from a person’s earnings to pay alimony or child support. It ranges between 50 percent and 65 percent of their disposable earnings. The amount will vary based on the circumstances of each case.

Should the paying spouse show proof that he or she provides more than half the support for dependents apart from the ones for whom there will be a deduction and there are no payments in arrears, 50 percent is the most that can be deducted. For those who have payments in arrears, the maximum will be 55 percent.

For those who have not provided proof that they are paying more than half the support for dependents other than the one who will be receiving payments from deductions and there are no payments in arrears, the maximum will be 60 percent. If the person has not provided proof and there are payments in arrears, the maximum will be 65 percent. These percentages are only applicable if the paying spouse does not have enough disposable income so the full amount can be deducted from their wages.

Military life is difficult enough without worrying about how a military divorce will be handled and the differences when compared to a civilian divorce. A law firm that has experience in all areas of military law and can understand how to help those in the military is critical to a case. Calling for assistance with a military divorce and the payments that will be made for alimony and child support is imperative and could be done immediately.

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