Getting the right information as you seek disability benefits

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Many residents of Missouri would probably agree that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, and the moment could dramatically change the life of a person forever. It could lead to physical or mental disabilities, leaving the person unable to work ever again, or at least for a long period of time.

Any kind of disability, whether mental or physical, can greatly impact a Missouri resident, as well as that person’s family. It may further complicate the situation if the person with a disability happens to be the main contributor to the financial needs of the family.

Through Social Security Disability benefits, there are provisions to help a mentally disabled person financially in the event that the person is unable to work. However, bureaucratic roadblocks result in the rejection of many applications seeking Social Security Disability benefits. Getting the right information can help you if your claim has been denied and you need to file an appeal.

The firm of Alan E. DeWoskin has helped many people appeal their SSD benefits decision. Our firm’s attorneys have combined experience of over 60 years in handling cases of Social Security Disability claims, personal injury claims, military law, family law and workers’ compensation..

Our law firm may be able to help you know the hurdles that led to the rejection of your application to obtain Social Security Disability benefits, and we may be able to work with you to collect documents that would make your case stronger. We offer free consultations regarding disability matters.

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