Falling down on safety leads to higher chance of job site falls

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Construction sites can be inherently dangerous places to work, but that does not mean that the men and women employed in this field do not have the right to a reasonably safe workplace. In fact, implementing and enforcing safety measures can greatly reduce the chance of an accident, and therefore, reduce the chance that a Missouri construction worker will suffer an injury. 

One of the most significant risks on any job site is the risk of a fall. A fall from any height can be dangerous, even fatal, and construction workers may find that they are left with serious and debilitating injuries as a result of this type of job site accident.

Are job site falls preventable?

Commonly, job site falls happen off scaffolding, ladders and roofs. In order to reduce the number of these incidents and reduce the chance of serious or fatal injuries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration developed a safety plan. With the implementation of these steps, an employer can provide safer construction sites for all employees. These steps are as follows:

  • Planning: Before a job begins, employers should consider how the job will be completed, what equipment will be necessary and what safety hazards are present. Planning can greatly reduce the number of falls.
  • Providing: Employees should have access to the equipment necessary to prevent falls. Workers are significantly more likely to suffer serious injuries if they fall from a height of six feet or more, but harnesses, ladders and other safety gear can make accidents less likely.
  • Training: Workers should receive training for the proper use of safety equipment and the appropriate steps that they should take to be safe and decrease the chance of an accident.

Employers bear the responsibility of ensuring that safety measures are in place and employees have access to both training and proper equipment. These three steps can significantly reduce the chance that an accident will result in an injured employee.

Your right to recovery after a work accident

Despite the fact that construction is an inherently dangerous job, individuals who suffer injuries while working in this field still have the right to a full and fair recovery after a work accident. Workers’ compensation benefits may be available to these individuals, covering medical bills, lost wages and other financial losses associated with the accident. 

If you fell on a job site and suffered serious injuries, you do not have to deal with the benefits claims process alone. You may find it beneficial to learn how you can secure rightful benefits and get the care you need for your work accident injuries.

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