Fighting for the SSD benefits you deserve

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Living with a serious illness can be difficult on many levels. You may feel under the weather for significant periods of time, you may experience excruciating pain, and you may be unable to participate in activities you once loved. Medical treatment may help dull or eliminate symptoms, but for many Missourians, their medical condition is long-lasting or permanent. Sadly, these individuals, who should be focusing on their health and caring for their families, often have to concern themselves with their finances, as an inability to work can lead to lost wages and medical expenses.

If you find yourself in this position, you should take comfort in the fact that Social Security disability benefits may be available to you. As we discussed in last week’s post about multiple sclerosis, you must ensure that you meet the Social Security Administration’s requirements before benefits can be awarded, but you can find assistance from a skilled and experienced legal team.

At Alan E. Dewoskin, P.C., our team of legal professionals have dedicated themselves to pursuing Social Security disability claims. We know what the government is looking for before awarding benefits, so we can assist our clients with developing strong and convincing claims. Likewise, those who have had their initial claims denied often turn to us for help with their appeals. Armed with a thorough understanding of the law, we work to ensure that our clients’ legal rights are protected and they have a fair shot at recovering the SSD benefits they need.

If you are disabled and struggling to make ends meet, you are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from debilitating conditions that render them unable to work. You also don’t have to face the SSD claims process alone, which can be overwhelming and confusing. If you need financial assistance and help proving your claim, you may want to carefully consider your options as they relate to legal counsel.

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