How is traumatic brain injury evaluated for SSD benefits?

Missourians who have suffered a traumatic brain injury could have their lives upended in that one unlucky moment. This can happen in a variety of ways whether it is in a motor vehicle accident, because of a work accident, a slip and fall incident and more. Hitting one’s head can cause untold damage and lead to the inability to work and function normally.

For those who have TBI, Social Security disability benefits could be a viable option to make ends meet and receive treatment as they try to improve. Understanding how the Social Security Administration evaluates TBI is critical from the start. When there is TBI, it means the person has suffered brain damage because of force against the head, a skull fracture, or penetration of the brain. For some, this will result in them being in a persistent vegetative state or a coma. This is assessed differently from TBI where the person is not vegetative or comatose.

The SSA will require a minimum of three months after the TBI has occurred to come to an evaluation as to how it has affected the person. It must be assessed how the TBI causes the person’s motor function to become disorganized or they see how the impact has hindered the way the person functions physically and mentally. For some, the evidence can be analyzed within those first three months. If that cannot be done, the decision will be postponed until there is sufficient evidence from a minimum of three months after TBI. The decision will continue to be delayed until the evidence is available, at least six months following TBI.

Having TBI has become a prominent issue in society, especially for those who play contact sports or have been injured in an accident and it is keeping them from normal function. People who have suffered TBI and their families will often not know how to go about deciding if they have qualifying SSD benefits for injury and they can get approved. Discussing the case with a law firm that specializes in Social Security disability cases of all kinds is one of the key steps toward filing for benefits with TBI and getting an approval.

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