Social Security disability for mental illness requires legal help

The most basic aspects of a Social Security disability case can be the most complex for a Missourian who is suffering from mental illness. Simply having the condition and showing evidence of it is often not enough. With mental illness or any other condition that falls into that category, the case will hinge on following the rules dictated by the Social Security Administration and applying as required. Knowing the steps to take and understanding eligibility is one of the most important hurdles at the start.

To avoid a claim being denied, it is wise to have all the pieces in place when applying. That includes knowing exactly what the condition is; why the SSA might deny a claim; having the proper documentation to prove that the benefits are needed; knowing the time-frame of the case; and making the correct filings, hearing requests and appeals. Many applicants might not realize that a substantial number of cases are denied at one point or another. Those who were getting benefits could see those benefits stop after a redetermination. Some people might try to work and fail and find their benefits stopped because of that without understanding that trying to work is allowable when getting SSD.

Any one of these challenges does not imply that the case is over or the benefits will never restart. While it might seem arduous and difficult to get the benefits, it can be immensely rewarding – as well as necessary – to follow through on all the requests made by the SSA. When hiring a lawyer, it is critical to find someone who understands how to prepare the case diligently and with all the necessary information; can do the paperwork when it is required; and be a strong advocate if there is a hearing.

People will make the mistake of being intimidated by the process or giving up if they are not immediately successful. As time has shown, this is an error in judgment as it is possible to get the benefits even when facing a denial. Filing for disability benefits due to mental conditions requires legal assistance and a law firm that can provide exceptional guidance and service with Social Security disability claims should be called for help.

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