Orthotic and prosthetic devices and Social Security disability

When a Missourian has a musculoskeletal issue that impairs them, Social Security disability benefits are an option if the injury leads to an inability to work. When seeking SSD benefits for injury, people who use orthotic devices or prosthetic devices will find that these devices are important when it is determined whether the benefits’ requirements are met. Understanding the criteria for this situation is key as any problem could lead to a denial. Of course, having legal assistance is crucial for any disability case.

If the person has an orthotic device, the medical examination that will be used for the disability application should be conducted with the device in place with the testing procedures evaluating the person’s capabilities while using it. When a person has difficulty with the device in place or cannot use it, the medical professional should document the medical reasons for it. When the person’s impairment is on the lower extremities, information about the person’s ability to ambulate in an effective manner without the device should be part of the report unless is contrasts with the medical judgment of the person conducting the examination.

When there is a prosthetic device, it should be in place when the examination is given. If an applicant has had a lower extremity or extremities amputated, there is no requirement that there be an evaluation of the person’s capability to walk without them. There should be an evaluation of how well the person can ambulate with the prosthetics. When examining the person, the stump where the amputation was done should be assessed without the prosthesis.

Those who have an injury that requires an orthotic device or a prosthetic device to function might be able to get Social Security disability benefits. Before applying, however, it is important to know how these devices will impact the claim. A law firm that specializes in SSD benefits can help with explaining every aspect of a case. This is imperative when applying for Social Security disability.

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