Veterans may be able to recover compensation for disabilities

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The federal government offers military service members a number of benefits both to incentivize them to join the military and to reward them for their service to our country. These individuals may be able to receive educational benefits, as well as housing and employment opportunities that may not be available to civilians. Yet, the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces often suffer unexpected physical and mental injuries while on active duty. This can significantly affect their post-service life, sometimes rendering them unable to work and carry out what many would consider to be a normal life.

This can be overwhelming for a variety of reasons. First, these individuals may have to confront severe pain and suffering. Second, their inability to work can lead to financial hardship. Third, the stress and emotional turmoil can be depressing. Although those who have been injured while on active military duty may not be able to fully reclaim their health, they may be able to take steps to recover the compensation they need to ease their financial burdens.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has many programs to help veterans with financial difficulties that are caused by their injuries or medical conditions. Social Security Disability benefits may also be available to veterans even if their disability develops after their service. However, in order to qualify certain requirements must be met to prove that the individual is “disabled” under the law.

Veterans may also be able to acquire Special Monthly Compensation, which is a tax-free benefit that is made available to veterans who fall into special circumstances. In order to qualify for this compensation, these individuals typically must show that they suffer from a specific disability or they need the aid and presence of another person to care for their condition.

Source: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, “Compensation,” accessed on April 17, 2016

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