Rehabilitation programs for veterans in Missouri

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American veterans often have a difficult time re-entering American society. Veterans in Missouri can look forward to a number of state programs that cater to their medical needs and other veteran’s issues. The Missouri Department of Health and Human Services provides information related to services offered to the residents of the state, as well as information about key services that are offered to veterans. The services offered for veterans include programs related to head injuries and rehabilitation from other injuries.

The Adult Head Injury program is directed toward residents who have complications related to traumatic brain injuries, also quite common among veterans. The program helps victims and their families find suitable rehabilitation and psychological services for their injuries. This program is offered only to residents of the state between 21 and 65 years of age. The service is offered to people whose income is below 185 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

The Long Term Care Ombudsman program employs a team of volunteers who serve those people who are admitted in nursing homes and residential care facilities. The role of this volunteer team is to provide all possible support and assistance to the victim or their families, and to prevent problems from occurring. These volunteers also work to connect veterans or spouses of deceased veterans to the Veteran Service office so that there’s no complication while receiving the Veteran’s Affairs benefits.

The Housing, Employment, Recovery, Opportunities program, by the Department of Mental Health, also works toward rehabilitating veterans with mental disorders and issues related to substance abuse. The veterans in this program receive assistance regarding housing and employment, and further attempts are made to provide them with permanent housing facilities within a period of two years.

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