It is possible to find employment despite disabilities

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Disabled Missouri residents who are receiving Social Security Disability benefits may be aware of the employment opportunities that are available exclusively for them. The SSD-only employment program allows a disabled person to work and earn money and also to continue receiving the SSD benefits, as long as that person reports to work and remains disabled. The benefits are given irrespective of how much the employee earns.

The process begins with a trial work period that may last nine months, with a rollover period of 60 months. If a person’s earnings are over $780 per month, or if that person works 80 hours a month, the work is considered to be under the TWP. However, the TWP begins only after a month since the person was receiving SSD benefits. Once the TWP is complete, the person is then eligible for the Extended Period of Eligibility. During the EPE, a person’s work is evaluated by the authorities to check whether the work qualified for a Substantial Gainful Activity level.

If a person starts working at the SGA level within 12 months of impairment, and also before the disability benefit claim is approved, that person may no longer be eligible for disability benefits or the TWP. That is the case because, under such circumstances, the person’s disability fails to qualify according to the disability definitions established by the authorities. The authorities may also consider the medical documents of a person that state that the person has recovered. In that case, the benefits will stop.

Also, the Supplemental Security Income is not acknowledged by the TWP along with any unsuccessful work attempts. However, most people who continue to work despite disabilities will continue receiving hospital insurance and supplemental medical insurance after the 9 months of TWP.

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