Can you get disability benefits for somatic symptom disorders?

Some Missouri residents are suffering from a form of mental illness. For some, their condition can be treated with therapy and medication and they can work and function in society with relatively few concerns. Others, however, have symptoms so severe that they impact every part of their life. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to work. Medical treatment is needed to help them. For those who are in this situation, Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions are a critical part of daily function and making ends meet.

While many mental disorders are well-known, such as bipolar, depression and schizophrenia, one disorder that is not often mentioned is somatic symptom and related disorders. Understanding this is one of the foundational aspects to getting disability benefits if the person is suffering from mental illness that has yet to be accurately diagnosed or properly categorized. When a person is suffering from a somatic symptom disorder or something similar, that person will experience physical symptoms or deficits that were not created on their own. They are legitimate and there is no explanation based on other medical conditions and their symptoms.

When a person has a somatic symptom disorder, they might be preoccupied with having a medical condition that has yet to be diagnosed. These individuals can suffer from pain, have gastrointestinal issues, feel fatigued, be anxious about their health, experience abnormal motor movement and be blind or deaf. People who have conversion disorder, illness anxiety or somatic symptom will be assessed in this category of mental conditions.

For people suffering from mental illness, it can be difficult when their condition is difficult to classify. If there is a somatic symptom disorder, it is very real and the person can have innumerable problems because of it. To get Social Security Disability benefits for a condition that is complicated and difficult to diagnose, it is imperative to get the right information about how to move forward with a claim.

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