Is your disability case under review?

If an accident or illness changed your life, you may be learning to adjust little by little. Your illness or injury prevents you from working, so you have to rise above your condition the best way you can and find ways to make your days meaningful. Still, you may spend much of your time simply dealing with medical issues.

That is why you may feel shocked to learn that the Social Security Administration is reviewing your case to see if you are still eligible for disability benefits. If you have recently received a letter saying that the SSA is re-evaluating your case, you may wonder if you should be concerned about losing your benefits.

Evaluating your eligibility

The SSA regularly reviews disability cases. In most situations, if your condition is the same or worse than when you first applied for disability, you can be confident that the SSA will approve your continued reception of benefits. However, that is not always a given, and it is wise to do everything you can to prove your condition still qualifies for benefits. If the SSA discontinues your benefits, it may be for any of the following reasons:

  • You are working and earning enough money to disqualify you from SSA disability benefits.
  • Your health has improved, and you have not developed any new medical problems related to your illness or injury.
  • Your condition is no longer serious enough to prevent you from working either in your old job or a new one.
  • Advances in medical or vocational technology or treatment options can assist you if you return to work.
  • A review of your original application reveals that the SSA mistakenly granted you benefits for which you were not eligible.
  • A review of your original application reveals that the SSA’s approval of your disability benefits resulted from false or erroneous information you provided.
  • You refuse to cooperate with the SSA’s review investigation.
  • You refuse to comply with your doctor’s treatment instructions.

You can cooperate with the SSA’s review by providing any information agents may request. Usually, agents will contact your doctors and other health care providers to confirm that you are still under their care. They will request your medical records, test results and other information, so it behooves you to obey your doctor’s orders regarding your treatment. Additionally, the SSA may ask you to submit to an exam by their own doctors. You will not have to pay for this, but it is in your best interests to comply.

Nevertheless, if you believe the SSA has wrongly discontinued your benefits, you have the right to appeal the decision. Enlisting the help of a Missouri attorney will provide you with an advocate throughout the process.

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