Life changes, will my disability benefits change too?

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One constant in life is that it constantly changes. Anything could happen at any moment. For instance, a workplace accident could leave an individual with a disability, and change his or her ability to earn a living. The individual may seek workers’ compensation benefits for temporary help. If the injury lasts for over a year, maybe he or she seeks assistance from the Social Security Disability program.

An attorney can help an individual apply for these benefits, because the process isn’t always considered to be the easiest. Okay, so what happens after the first hurdle is passed? They’ve got the benefits, but what changes could affect these benefits?

For instance, some injuries can be treated and scientific research, medical advancements and new technology could give someone the ability to return to work when they thought they never would. What does going back to work do in terms of benefits?

Some people might fear losing their benefits entirely if they start earning an income again. What those people may not know is that there are work incentives built into the program. For instance, an individual may be able to go back to work temporarily or for a trial period while still receiving benefits. Other incentives provide for continued benefits under certain circumstances.

An individual who goes back to work full-time may even be able to earn the potential for higher benefits in the future. Why? The SSDI program is based on average lifetime earnings, which brings up another common question.

What happens if a disability worsens? A disability benefit is not based on the severity level of an injury, and so a worsened condition may not change a disability payment.

For any question about disability benefits or what could affect them, a SSD attorney will take the time to fully explain an answer and help with a solution.

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