Anxiety disorders, such as PTSD, may qualify for SSD benefits

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Commentators say that there seems to be a stigma attaching to post-traumatic stress disorder. Advocates believe that public perception, possibly based upon media coverage of recent events, has begun to lean toward the misconception that PTSD is associated with violence. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says that stigma associated with PTSD is a barrier for some to seeking help for the anxiety disorder.

The truth of the matter is that PTSD can hit anyone who has experienced a traumatic event. Symptoms of the condition may often include a person experiencing flashbacks to the traumatic event itself, increased overall anxiety, having difficulties in concentrating or sleeping and many other issues that can become disabling.

There are things that people with PTSD should know. In many cases, the condition may be treatable. The VA says that does not necessarily mean that everyone who seeks treatment will be cured, but with help, some people are able to manage symptoms.

In other situations, some people may find that PTSD can get in the way of being able to work. For civilians and military veterans alike, the Social Security Administration evaluates PTSD as an anxiety disorder, which is included in what is known as the SSA listing of impairments.

While veterans may receive some benefits through the VA, it is important for disabled veterans to understand that SSDI benefits may also be available. Applying for SSDI benefits is done through the SSA and requires a separate application from anything processed through the VA.

Missouri residents who believe that a mental or physical impairment, including PTSD, makes it impossible to engage in meaningful gainful activities should consider speaking with a St. Louis SSD lawyer for help in understanding the federal disability insurance program.

Source: Daily Toreador, “PTSD affects servicemen, civilians,” Kaitlin Bain, April 9, 2014

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