Filing for social security disability benefits may not be easy

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Many Missourians like to be self-sufficient. They work hard, save and plan for emergency situations. People who are disabled may get assistance from the Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, program to help maintain this independence. However, receiving disability benefits is not easy.

Some people feel that beneficiaries of SSDI get easy money for minor injuries. However, this is not a correct assumption. In fact, the person who applies for disability insurance has to undergo stringent checks as defined in the Social Security Act. For instance, in order to qualify for disability benefits, the impairment or disability must be expected to last for at least a year or ultimately result in that person’s death. Due to the impairment, the SSDI applicant should not only be unable to perform the duties of his or her previous position but should also not be able to do any substantial work found in the job market. Statistically, those who get SSDI benefits are among the most disabled in the United States.

Even after someone qualifies for social security disability benefits, authorities conduct periodic checks to ensure that these beneficiaries remain qualified for support. Sometimes people make fraudulent disability claims for SSDI, so steps are taken by the Social Security Administration to detect, prevent and prosecute fraud. However, this also makes the disability claims process stricter. Every disability claim is therefore investigated thoroughly before deciding if assistance should be awarded.

Sometimes, even genuine claims may be denied if they are not properly prepared. Many first-time applicant claims are denied due to inadequate or incorrect documentation. To ensure that social security benefits are granted, an applicant should provide adequate evidence of the disability and proof that he or she cannot engage in substantial gainful activity due to the disability. An experienced attorney can help not only with this initial step, but also with the process of challenging a claim denial.

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