Telling apart Veterans’ and Social Security disability benefits

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Even without knowing the reason for a person’s disability, it is understood that a disabled person faces distinct disadvantages. A disability can alter a person’s way of life entirely, and often permanently. While there are programs to assist the disabled, veterans may have more services available to them than civilians.

As residents of Saint Louis, Missouri, may know, there are distinct differences between Social Security disability benefits and other benefits available to veterans. SSD claims are only valid if the person is cannot perform a substantial portion of their job duties and either was or will be unable to work for over a year due to the disability. Veterans, on the other hand, may receive benefits as well. Thus, being eligible for one type of benefit does not guarantee being eligible for the other.

Social Security disability benefits usually take the form of monthly payments, which substitute for the disabled person’s income. Veterans who qualify for such benefits will need to file a separate application to the Social Security Administration. Essentially, if the person has been assigned a compensation rating of 100 percent Permanent & Total by the Department of Veteran Affairs, he or she may be able to receive benefits from the SSA on an expedited basis if he or she meets all the requirements.

Veterans receiving compensation from the VA are eligible to apply for SSD benefits if their disability prevents them from carrying out a significant amount of work, corresponding with certain wage limits set by the SSA. The process of collecting benefits from the SSA may involve taking a medical examination in order to substantiate the person’s claim. However, if approved, SSD benefits also qualify the person to receive health care coverage under Medicare.

Source: Social Security, “Information For Wounded Warriors And Veterans Who Have A Compensation Rating Of 100% Permanent & Total (P&T),” Accessed Sept. 25, 2014

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