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The Social Security disability system is a great way for those who are unable to work to find financial relief. The same goes for their family members, as was discussed on the blog a few weeks ago. However, in order to receive these benefits, certain legal requirements must be met. This often means submitting sufficient documentation of your medical condition, satisfactorily proving that your condition renders you unable to work or carry out normal day-to-day activities, and that you have the requisite work history.

Succeeding on a disability claim can actually be quite difficult. In fact, many initial claims are denied for a variety of reasons. Luckily, though, the Social Security disability system allows claimants to appeal their denial. It is through this step in the process that many benefits seekers find success. Therefore, if you are seeking Social Security disability, then you should be prepared for a fight and should not be discouraged if the first battle is lost.

One way for Saint Louis County, Missouri, residents to be as prepared as possible is to obtain adequate legal representation. A knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated attorney can help you ensure that your claim thoroughly and accurately portrays your position, and he or she will utilize the law as best as possible to argue for the awarding of benefits. An experienced lawyer can help you better understand the process and make sure that you are fully informed so that you can make the decisions that are right for you.

The law firm of Alan E. DeWoskin is proud to say that we do this on a daily basis for our clients. We understand the difficulties our clients are facing and want to do everything in our power given the circumstances to give them the shot they deserve at a favorable resolution.

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