Rotator cuff injury and Social Security disability benefits

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The human body is an amazing thing. In any given day, it can be exposed to harsh environments, brutal physical labor, dangerous viruses and internal changes that can lead to the onset of a debilitating medical condition. For many in Saint Louis, their bodies are able to stave off any potential hazards and they are able to carry on with their normal lives without much thought. For others, though, a single moment can change the course of their life, leaving them struggling to find financial stability.

One type of injury that can lead to this situation is a rotator cuff injury. The rotator cuff – a group of tendons and muscles that surround the shoulder joint – allows the arm to remain set within the shoulder socket. This area can become injured or degenerate, especially for those who work in positions that require repetitive overhead motions, such as carpenters, painters and those who play sports like tennis or baseball. Symptoms of a damaged rotator cuff may include a deep, dull ache of the shoulder, arm weakness and difficulty sleeping.

Without adequate medical attention, a rotator cuff injury can lead to long-lasting, even permanent weakness and stiffness in the arm. In addition, the shoulder joint could deteriorate. Those who rely on overhead movement to perform their job and who are seriously injured may find that they are no longer able to work. This can cause financial uncertainty and a fear for the future.

There may be an opportunity for relief, however. If the injury is adequately documented and severe enough, then the sufferer may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. These monthly payments could provide the stability needed to move on with life and, hopefully, focus on preserving one’s health.

Source: Mayo Clinic, “Rotator cuff injury,” accessed on Dec. 13, 2015

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