SSD and inflammatory bowel disease

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Digestive problems are common for Americans, and many Missouri residents live with this condition. The severity can range from mild discomfort to complete debilitation. There are a variety of treatments available to those who suffer from these conditions, and in some instances the problem can be remedied. For others, it is incurable but treatable, allowing them to live their normal day-to-day lives. For some, though, their condition may be debilitating, rendering them unable to work, earn a wage, and care for their family. For these individuals, financial relief is needed.

The Social Security disability system may be able to provide the relief they seek. Among those who may qualify for benefits are those who live with inflammatory bowel disease. In order to qualify for benefits, these individuals must meet certain requirements. According to the Social Security Administration, an individual qualifies if he has documentation via endoscopy, biopsy, medical imaging or other operative findings that satisfactorily shows he suffers from obstruction of stenotic area of the small intestine or colon. To qualify, this obstruction must result in hospitalization for surgery or decompression, and it must occur at least twice within a six month period with at least 60 days between incidences.

An individual may also qualify if other factors are shown. Among these are documented abdominal mass that caused pain or cramping within a certain time frame, a certain amount of involuntary weight loss, anemia, and reduced levels of serum albumin.

Properly filing and arguing for disability benefits can be overwhelming and complicated. It can be especially tough when an initial claim is denied and an individual wishes to appeal that decision. This is why it may be beneficial for these individuals to seek assistance from a legal professional who is experienced with, knowledgeable of and passionate about navigating the system.

Source: Social Security Administration, “5.00 Digestive System – Adult,” accessed on Dec. 6, 2015

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