Marriage and divorce can affect SSD benefits

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Obtaining Social Security disability benefits can be a battle. However, the fight can be well worth it, as successfully seeking out SSD benefits means that an individual can receive a consistent monthly payment to help put food on the table, keep a roof over his or her head, and get medical bills paid. Yet, as has been discussed previously on this blog, there are certain situations when one’s benefits can be affected.

One way that these benefits can be affected is when an individual gets married or divorced. Whether or not one’s benefits will be affected primarily depends on the types of benefits they are receiving. For example, an individual who is receiving benefits for his or her own disability will continue to receive those benefits even if he or she gets married or divorces. If, on the other hand, an individual receives disabled widower or widow’s benefits, then those benefits may cease upon marriage unless the recipient is 50 years or older. Other types of SSD benefits typically cease once an individual marries, but may be restarted if that marriage dissolves.

Understanding seemingly minor, but very important, details of the Social Security disability system is crucial to obtaining and retaining benefits. Failing to do so could mean that a disabled individual is left without much needed compensation to cover his or her expenses. This, in turn, can lead to trouble with housing stability as well as health.

Thus, those who have questions or concerns about Social Security disability, whether regarding filing an initial claim, appealing a decision, or maintaining benefits, may benefit from speaking with a legal professional. After all, knowledge is power and, in some cases, money.

Source: Social Security Administration, “What You Need to Know When You Get Social Security Disability Benefits,” accessed on June 6, 2016

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