Some vets eligible for expedited SSD claims processing

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Veterans who put their lives on the line for the betterment of our country often have a lot to deal with once they return home. They might have experienced significant trauma while serving in the military, and many of our brave men and women in uniform suffer devastating injuries. These harms can make it difficult to readjust to normal civilian life. In fact, many veterans are rendered unable to work once they enter civilian life, causing a significant amount of financial strain.

Fortunately, these individuals may be able to receive certain benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs can provide vets with healthcare and other benefits, but the available options don’t stop there. The Social Security disability system can also help provide financial relief to veterans. To simplify the process of recovering these monthly payments, the Social Security Administration has streamlined the process for vets who are deemed to have 100 percent disability.

What does having 100 percent disability mean? Veterans are typically evaluated by the Department of Veterans affairs. If an individual’s VA assessment determines that he or she is rated at 100 percent Permanent and Total, then that individual’s Social Security disability claim can be expedited. It is important to note, however, that a 100 percent rating from the VA doesn’t guarantee SSD benefits, as the Social Security Administration has a different set of criteria that must be met before benefits can be obtained.

With this in mind, veterans who wish to secure SSD benefits should be sure to put forth a full and compelling claim. In the event that claim is denied, he or she could appeal the denial in hopes of recovering the benefits.

Source: Social Security Administration, “Expedited Processing of Veteran’s 100 Percent Disability Claims,” accessed on May 23, 2016

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