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Sudden illness and disease can seemingly strike at any time, leaving individuals unable to carry on with their normal lives. While the onset of a serious medical condition can certainly affect one’s qualify of life due to pain or disability, it can also have a massive impact on their financial well-being. This is especially true when an illness is so debilitating that it leaves an individual incapable of working.

Previously, this blog discussed chronic kidney disease and how it may qualify an individual for Social Security disability benefits. Though this condition can be quite serious, it is not by any means the only medical condition that can leave one “disabled” according to the Social Security Administration. However, in order to be deemed “disabled” and thus qualify for SSD benefits, an individual must meet certain requirements.

It may sound easy enough, but doing so can actually prove quite difficult. Many initial claims are denied and, although appeal options are available to claimants, these reviews can be so thorough that it seems like the SSA is looking for any reason to deny a claim. That is why the legal team at Alan E. Dewoskin, P.C., diligently prepare every claim we handle with an eye on what the SSA is going to be looking for before granting benefits.

To do this, we analyze all of our clients’ claims, applying the law as is necessary. We advise our clients as to medical documentation they need to obtain, and we keep them informed every step of the way. Our legal team is dedicated to this process, so we know how to navigate the oftentimes daunting waters of the SSD benefits system.

Those who try to forego legal assistance when filing their claim may find themselves disappointed if their claim is denied or they have to wait for a longer period of time to obtain their cash benefits. Thus, considering the assistance of an attorney may be wise if you find yourself in this situation.

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