Amputee denied SSD benefits for not meeting work requirements

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Knowing the Social Security disability system is key when pursuing benefits. It is critical to recognize the requirements to obtain benefits and to properly present evidence that those requirements have been met. Yet, even claims that may seem self-explanatory can be denied for a variety of reasons. This can leave a disabled individual frustrated and financially unsteady.

St. Louis readers may be shocked by a recent claim denial involving a mother in North Carolina. The stay-at-home mom of five lost three of her limbs after her bout with the flu turned into sepsis. In order to save her life, doctors had to amputate both of her arms, one of her legs, and the foot on her other leg. Despite her extreme disability, her claim was denied because she had not paid into the system for the last ten years. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, the woman had worked for nine years, but she still didn’t meet the federal requirements for Social Security disability.

The denial has left the woman and her family with significant financial hardship. They have had to hire multiple individuals to help care for the family, and medical expenses are likely to be excessive. The family can appeal the denial, but there is no guarantee they will recover the benefits they desperately need.

This case highlights a serious shortcoming in the Social Security disability system for stay-at-home parents. Yet, this should not discourage disabled individuals from seeking the help they need. By working with a skilled attorney, a disabled individual can get a better assessment of his or her situation and how they can best pursue SSD compensation.

Source: WNYT, “Stay-at-home mom denied disability benefits,” Sep. 2, 2016

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