How do I prove my mental disorder disability?

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During the Social Security disability claims process, the Social Security Administration will thoroughly evaluate your claim. There are many factors the SSA must consider, including the presence of a medical condition, the severity of that condition, and how that condition affects your ability to function in your private, social, and professional lives. But that may leave you wondering how, exactly, do you prove that you are in fact “disabled” as defined by the SSA?

There are many ways to put forth evidence of your disability, but it may seem especially challenging if you suffer from mental illness. However, there are still many options available to you. First, of course, is the fact that you can provide medical documentation of your condition. This evidence can be key to showing the existence of your condition, how long you have suffered from it, and its severity.

Second, and perhaps most surprisingly, you can provide personal information on how your condition has affected you. Many may believe that, on account of their condition, their take on the matter will not be given the weight it deserves. But the SSA wants to hear from you about how your capabilities have been affected by your illness. They will compare your statements to the other evidence provided to see if the statements are reliable.

There are many other ways to provide evidence that you are disabled by your mental disorder, which will be addressed in another post. In the meantime, if you suffer from mental health issues that have left you with an inability to work, then you may want to consider speaking with a legal professional who can help you determine the best way to put forth your SSD claim. Perhaps then you will have a chance at recovering the compensation you deserve.

Source: Social Security Administration, “12.00 Mental Disorders – Adult,” accessed on Aug. 28, 2016

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