PTSD and Social Security disability benefits

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The brave men and women who serve in our country’s armed forces often wind up facing significant challenges after returning to civilian life. Many Missouri veterans suffer physical injuries while on active duty, which can leave them with serious pain and physical limitations. Many veterans also suffer mental harm, which can affect their lives just as much as, if not more than, a physical injury.

One of the most common types of harm suffered by veterans is post-traumatic stress disorder. Significantly, PTSD can damage relationships. Sufferers can be angry, detached, and worried. These individuals may feel on edge most of the time, while others feel numb. Flashbacks can strengthen these feelings. Those who suffer from PTSD may spend a large part of their time trying to suppress these feelings, which can affect not only their relationships, but also their ability to carry out normal tasks such as working.

There are treatments available for PTSD sufferers. They can engage in one-on-one therapy and counseling. Anti-depressants may help curtail some of the effects of the disorder. However, when the condition is severe enough, even these treatments may make very little difference. While sufferers struggle to maintain and build their relationships, they might also struggle to make ends meet when their condition precludes them from holding a job.

Individuals who finds themselves in this position might want to consider whether they will qualify for Social Security disability benefits or VA disability compensation. A successful SSD or VA disability claim can result in compensation which can help a disabled veteran cover lost wages and medical expenses during a time when they need to focus on their health and well-being. To learn more about Social Security and VA disability criteria and how to seek out benefits, PTSD sufferers may want to talk to an attorney who practices in this field.

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