Former claims adjudicator handles SSD claims for the disabled

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It is unrealistic to expect an average Missourian to know the ins and outs of the Social Security disability system. Yet for those who either have been deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration or seeking such a designation, knowing the intricacies of the system is critical. Those who are confronted by challenges to their benefits may have their benefits threatened if they fail to adequately protect their legal rights, which is why many individuals turn to an experienced attorney to help them handle their SSD claims.

A competent attorney experienced with Social Security disability claims can help in many ways. First, he or she can ensure that an individual has all the documentations needed to put forth a convincing initial claim. An attorney can also argue a claim before an adjudicator, ensuring that a claimant has the voice needed to push back against adjudicator’s doubts.

Second, an experienced attorney can aggressively pursue an appeal of a claim denial. Gathering additional evidence and crafting legal arguments supported by evidence and the law is crucial to ensuring that an appeal has a chance of succeeding.

Third, as the SSA changes its regulations from time-to-time, like was discussed last week on the blog, an attorney can help an individual navigate these changes and inform the applicant about how the changes might affect one’s claim or benefits.

At Alan E Dewoskin PC, our legal team diligently works to ensure every client’s claim is advocated for as aggressively as possible. Our legal team knows the challenges disabled individuals face, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure our clients’ claims stand the best possible chance of success given the circumstances.

The SSD claims process can be extremely complicated. Many Missourians wisely choose not to risk their benefits by going at the process alone.

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