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It may seem easy to successfully seek out Social Security disability benefits. After all, an individual merely needs to show that he or she is disabled and unable work. In the simplest terms, this is true. However, the reality is that SSD claims are much more complicated. Last week we discussed the five steps the Social Security Administration takes when adjudicating a claim; each one of those steps can be broken down into even smaller components.

For example, the first step is to determine whether the claimant’s earnings are low enough to qualify for SSD benefits. But before this step can be addressed, a claimant has to understand what counts as “earnings.” If he or she improperly classifies income, then he or she may be disqualified from recovering the benefits he or she needs. This is just one of the many issues that can confront a disabled individual, as they may also face challenges to their claimed disability and work history.

At Alan E Dewoskin PC, we go through every one of our clients’ claims with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that we address each and every issue that can affect their ability to recover benefits. Once we spot potential issues, we work with our clients to help deal with them and strengthen their claim. This may mean gathering additional medical and employment documentation, or making legal arguments before an administrative or appellate court judge.

Our firm knows the difficulties those suffering from disability face. Their pain, financial strain and uncertain future leaves them stressed and fearful. We want to put their minds at ease. To do so, we aggressively and competently pursue their SSD claims in hopes of recovering as much compensation as we can so that they can focus on reclaiming their health and their future.

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