Receiving SSD benefits for illnesses with the digestive system

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St. Louis residents who are seeking Social Security disability benefits for illness when the illness is related to a problem with the digestive system need to know certain facts regarding how the Social Security Administration decides whether disability benefits are warranted. The decision relates to the disorder itself, the documentation that is provided, and the effects of treatment.

The disorders that are taken into consideration with the digestive system include inflammatory bowel disease, liver dysfunction, gastrointestinal hemorrhaging, short bowel syndrome and malnutrition. These can also result in other complications like obstruction or manifest in other systems of the body. With digestive system disorders, the SSA will need certain documentation as proof. Medical evidence such as laboratory and clinical findings must be provided. It should have acceptable imaging studies and other information like operations, pathology and endoscopy and show the duration and severity of the issues. Imaging that is sufficient will include x-rays, sonography, CAT scans, MRI, and others. The technique will be deemed appropriate if it is the way in which the problem is diagnosed and evaluated.

The effects of the treatment are also taken into consideration. Digestive disorders often respond when they are treated surgically or medically. The treatments will be assessed. This includes therapy, medication, surgery or other forms of treatment. If there are clinical or practical improvements, this will be taken into consideration. Side effects from the treatment and the effects it has on other functions will be considered. With treatment, information regarding what was prescribed; its dosage, medication or therapy; the frequency it is administered and the dosage; the individual’s response to it; adverse effects; and the expected duration.

Those who are suffering from a digestive issue might be able to receive Social Security disability benefits. This is frequently contingent on the above-listed factors as well as others. For assistance with a claim, a legal professional can help. This is the first call that should be made for those who are considering SSD benefits.

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