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Our nation’s military members put their lives on the line for our country from the moment they sign up. Whether on the frontlines of military conflict, or participating in grueling training exercises, these individual’s health and well-being is put at risk for the greater good. Unfortunately, far too often these brave men and women are seriously injured while performing their duties. When this happens, they may struggle not only physically and emotionally, but also financially.

As was discussed in last week’s post, though, injured military members may be able to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Even those who are minimally disabled, at least 10 percent, may qualify for compensation via the Social Security disability system. However, these individuals still need to demonstrate that their disability meets the federal requirements for disability and significantly affects their ability to work.

Although the Social Security Administration seeks to help veterans and active duty military members obtain the benefits they need to find financial stability, they are also quite critical of disability claims. Many initial claims are denied for a variety of reasons, and even those that are appealed are sometimes denied benefits. Putting forth a compelling, thoroughly prepared claim supported by the law may be enough to sway an administrative law judge to rule in a disabled individual’s favor. This is why we at Alan E Dewoskin PC strive to give our clients the representation they need for success.

At our firm, our legal team treats every claim as the unique situation that it is. We discover and present supporting evidence, and develop persuasive legal arguments to convince adjudicators that our clients deserve SSD benefits. Our team deeply respects the service our veterans and active duty military members have given our country, and we view it as our duty to help them with their veterans’ issues when they suffer a disability and are unable to work.

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